Supply of components from the Venetian Mechanical Industry
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Alme SrlAlme Srl was founded in year 1978. His main production is manufacturing of machines frames and plant components of big size, including welding, milling and finishing.
CAR-METComponents in metallic carpentry according to customer specifications. Craftsmanship, made in Italy, design and high quality. Technological skills and thirty years experience in metal processing.
CIOETTOOFFICINA MECCANICA CLAUDIO CIOETTO is a metalworking company operating from 1982. Over the years it has had a constant growth thanks to targeted investments in human and technological resources up to the current structure of 30 employees. The full satisfaction of the customer and the pursuit of perfection in every single detail worked are the objectives that in all these years we have researched and always pursued. Our great company flexibility, combined with professional skills acquired over the years, allow an intense activity in the most diverse sectors.
Officine Dal Zotto SrlActive since 1974 in the field of forged products, iron and steel and mechanical processing. Specialize in providing a wide range of products of medium and large sizes, obtained by processes of forging and rolling and completely finished according to customer's design. Our machines range includes lathes and milling machines of large size. Activity Fields : - Power Generation - Oil&Gas - General Mechanichs
FMC SrlF.M.C. is a young company located in Sandrigo, in Vicenza (Veneto) and operates in the field of metallic carpentry. F.M.C., Was founded in 2009, the company from qualified and competent technicians in the welding tecnologies. Our mission is to offer customers the care and product quality as well as flexibility in favor of the needs and demands of clients. F.M.C., is at present located in a building of 800 square meters, deals with small and medium carpentry, with a maximum limit of 20 tons. The main production of F.M.C. is the construction of bases for machine and finished parts to customer design.
LomecA young but strong company with 30 years of experience in the world of turning and milling for third parties. LOMEC has grown from a small laboratory to a structured partner for mechanical machining. A company in continuous technological development, able to constantly invest in CNC machines, measuring instruments and personnel training, to be able to compete with determination in future challenges.
OFFICINE PAROLINThe heart of our work comes from here... laser cutting, pipe bending, micro-peening, welding, aesthetic finishing are our "excellence" techniques in metalworking. The assembly, the testing and the shipment assure you the "quality" of our processing on the finished product. We boast enviable know-how in machining, cutting, bending and welding of profiles, pipes and sheet metal in iron and stainless steel. Since being established over thirty years ago, Officine Parolin has stood out for its commitment to doing things with enthusiasm and passion.
ScameScame is operating in the mechanical carpentry, We are equiped with CNC machines for punching and bending as well as a Laser Cutting unit for steel and iron, Scame is able to follow the whole production Process according to Customer's drawings from cutting to machining to the MIG and TIG welding, providing the customer with a fully finished piece. Already for a long time it has developed new lines of production that include: machines for washing in the food industry, a wide range of conveyor belts.
TOR-MECTor-Mec has been machining since 1978. Today, the company has a highly qualified workforce and state-of-the art machines and software tailored to the customer's needs, from engineering of the prototype to the manufacture of the required piece.
OFFICINE ZOPPELLETTO SRLOfficine Zoppelletto Srl is a company that works in sheet metal processing. It has always guaranteed excellent processing levels and aims for further new successes on the market. All carbon steels as well as stainless steels are processed at Officine Zoppelletto Srl. Our target are the manufacturers of industrial plants, machine tools, agricultural machinery and equipment, ski lifts, amusement parks. Among his most interesting supplies are some large oil exchangers for power plants, construction of movable bulkheads, parts of new cableway installations in the Alps and structures of EuroDisney amusement parks.
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